Phoenix Bus Tours

During my college years, my friends and I used to get so excited with having field trips to old buildings and museums. Our school would use to hire phoenix bus tours to get us to and fro our field trip destination. It was one of the most memorable times of my life because all of my treasured friends came at that point in my life.

I remember one time when we visited the national museum. We were very excited and happy as we went our way. We were singing fun songs and dance hits while our bus was still on the way. We were taking pictures of our classmates and close friends who fell asleep during the long trip. It took us more than three hours before arriving at the museum. When we got there, instead of jotting down notes, we were just making fun of the displays. Yes, we were awed by the relics, but we enjoyed more with each other’s company. We don’t listen to the museum tour guide; instead, we make our own script and act like we are the tour guide ourselves! We know our professor was already pissed off with us but he’s holding himself because he doesn’t want to make a scene.

It was really fun! A treasured part of my life which I do not want to forget as long as I live.

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