Medical Standing Tables

When I was a kid, I used to see my mom working on with a building plan. My mom is a civil engineer by profession and she used to be hired as a private engineer whenever her friends and our neighbors get her services. She’s got several standing tables at home which was given to her by my grandfather and I grew up playing with those tables.

It was just recently when I learned that standing tables are used in the medical world too. Yes, you read it right! These tables are used for patients who are undergoing therapies. Just like what my best friends’ son who had undergone physical therapy after undergoing an operation on his knees. His son was nine years old and a varsity basketball player in his primary school. He got an injury after a very physical game and suffered a cartilage rupture on his left knee. After his operation, the doctor advised him to take the walking therapy for him to be able to walk again and eventually play basketball again. And while he was having his therapy, my best friend asked me to accompany him to the physical therapist and there, I was stunned when the physical therapist used a table to assist him in standing up. Now, my best friends’ son has fully recovered and he’s allowed to play basketball again by the doctor by the end of the school year.

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