Las Palmas

Mexico is a beautiful place to visit! The tropical weather and the beautiful beaches are some of the many reasons why there are a lot of foreigners who get attracted to visit Mexico. Not to mention the beautiful and alluring Mexicana’s who stroll at the shores in their skimpy two-piece bathing suit, they are also part of the good reasons for visiting the place.

My boss, who was a beach bum in his younger years, really loves visiting Mexico. Unlike his other trips where he mixes business with pleasure, when he’s in Mexico, it would all be purely pleasure. It is his way of unwinding from his stressful work. He is a patron of las palmas condos rocky point because he stays there when he’s in Mexico. I really envy my boss so much because he’s getting that kind of pleasure! Hahaha! But it’s okay because he loves us in the office. Every time he gets back in the office from a week of stay in Mexico, he brings us stuffs like delicacies and small stuffs from Mexico. And he’s also very kind if after he’s from his Mexican vacation Grande. That is why we are also motivated to work hard in return for his generosity. But we would appreciate it better if he will bring us with him the next time he visits Mexico!

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