Forced Marriage

There are cultures and religion that practice Forced Marriage. For them, it may sound legal and normal because that is what their belief dictates them. But what they do not know is the negative effects that early and forced marriage may cause, especially to the parties involved. On a personal note, I can’t imagine myself being married early. Being married at the age fifteen and becoming a mother at sixteen is an abrupt and brutal journey from childhood to womanhood. It may sound so sad and devastating, but it is the reality. It is what is happening around us.

Good thing there are organizations that advocates to just leave the practice of early and forced marriage become a thing in the past. Just for example the Plan- UK organization. They have been very firm of the belief that early and forced marriage can ruin a child’s future—it hinders a child to exercise her right to become educated and the child is forced to play a role those other children her age doesn’t play. The role of being a wife and a mother shouldn’t be played by a fifteen or sixteen year-old girl!

Based on statistics, one child every three seconds gets married. That is about nineteen children in a minute, and how many do you think would such figure be if you convert it in a day, or in a month or in a year?! That would be around ten million girls a year! Just imagine the effects if that continue to happen. Every year, ten million children will be out of school and will live uneducated their entire life! I just hope there will be a lot of people who will wake up and stand for this advocacy. Much more to the people who belong to the tribes and culture that practices this kind of marriage. Let’s work hand in hand and make a difference!

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