Dolma Ling Community

Mongolia isn’t a first world country that can provide fully for their people to the extent of a 100% employment. There also citizens of Mongolia who longs for the care and nurture from other people and non-government organizations. Organizations like dolma ling community centre is such a big help for Mongolians.

Dolma Ling Community centre is a foundation that is funded by the Prophecy Coal Corporation. It all started in August 2005 which started as a soup kitchen for the poor and homeless people in Ulaanbaatar. In 2005, a health clinic was added and a children’s development program as well. Dolma Ling Community Centre is a project of the NGO, Lamp of the Path, which was established in Mongolia with the aim of improving the lives of the homeless, poor and vulnerable Mongolians. The foundation now grows bigger and bigger. And we are very much pleased to know that they are soon putting up a kindergarten and a primary school. As the foundation grows bigger, the more people that it would be able to reach out and accommodate. I just hope the foundations’ support group like UGL and Red Hill Energy will continue to support them for another ten years or more. We are looking forward for more sponsors too! So that more kids will benefit.

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