Pizza Hut’s Frenchies

Today’s the first day of my second round of review. And since it has been more than a month when I stopped studying as a part of my daily routine, I am having a hard time adjusting back to step one again. And because of that my eating time was significantly affected. This morning, I wasn’t able to eat much, during lunch I wasn’t able to eat on time, causing my head to ache. And because of such eating disorder, I almost starved to death barely before dinner time.

After my class, I went to the mall to find something to eat. Accidentally, my boyfriend and I bumped into each other’s way. And so I accompanied him with his errands. After that, we went to the fourth floor to see if we could still catch the last full show. I don’t know if we’re unfortunate or if it’s the other way around. But I guess it’s the latter because if we were able to catch up with the last show, I guess our feet will not lead us to pizza hut. We decided to have dinner there because my guy has been complaining that he’s already starving.

We went to Pizza Hut and browsed thru the menu. While my guy was busy choosing what pizza to order, I was busy browsing thru the appetizer section. When I saw that they have a French Fries on the list, I said I wanted to order a single serving of it. I wanted to eat some of it not because I’m curious on how Pizza Hut’s French fries taste like, but because I craved for it the moment I found about it on the menu. When the French fries arrived, I got so shocked on how they served the fries. It was placed on a custom made ring stand with a mustard and ketchup that is separated on very little dishes. (Just see the pic). I really had fun munching it. It was indeed the most enjoyable French fries munching moment in my entire life!!

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