Donate a car for the veterans

Why not donate a car that can help the Vietnam war veterans live more comfortable lives? I am sure you know someone who went to Vietnam to fight for the country. Or you know someone who knows a Vietnam veteran. Not all of them are living a good life. Many of them might be sick alone without someone to take care of them. They need our help.

Most of us don’t have the time to personally be with the veterans to help them. But there’s a car donation charity who can do this for those of us who would like to volunteer and help. The Vietnam Veterans Car Donation Program is actually a charitable organization who accepts car donations in order for them to sell the cars and use the proceeds in helping the Vietnam war veterans with whatever needs they have.

If you are interested in making a car donation, just go to the site at and then fill out the simple online form for it. It is fast and very easy. After which, schedule a vehicle pickup. They offer free towing on the day most convenient for you. As a way of saying thanks, the organization will give you an IRS tax deductible donation receipt which you can use to avail of a tax deduction. Pretty simple, right? Let’s help the veterans live comfortable lives they deserve after sacrificing for the country.

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