Archives for August 2010

Invest in gold now

Gold investment goes up when there’s uncertainty in what’s happening around. Inflation, dollar depreciation… Gold, as we all know, has been an old form of money that has been around for ages. That is probably why it is considered and seen by many as a safe investment. Buy gold now. There’s no better time than […]

Secure that project!

My uncle’s company is being required to give a surety bond. He is applying for a government project and the surety bond is part of a long list of requirements he has to fulfill. The government project is just the first one in a series of projects that is being bid on by many companies […]

In love with Bangkok

A friend of mine fell in love with Bangkok when she went there for a vacation a couple of months ago. She went there a couple more times and she decided that since she felt that she’s meant to be in Bangkok, she will relocate there. She found a job already as a teacher and […]