Donate a car, help a veteran

I believe in valuing someone’s contribution to the betterment of a country. There are even those who give their entire lives to serve the country and help protect it. These people should be given the importance and respect due them. I am talking about the veterans. They say that one out of four homeless people in America is a veteran. This is not acceptable. If you want to do something about this situation, go and find out more about donate car purple heart.

The has been asking for car donations from those with generous hearts to be able to raise funds to be used for food, shelter, and clothing of veterans under the Purple Heart Veterans and Disabled American Veterans. Just imagine how many veterans you can help if more people will donate. They need our help. The organization needs all of you to show the veterans that they are appreciated for what they did for the country.

For all vehicle donations, just go to the web site and use their simple car donation form. The organization will schedule a car pick-up date that is most convenient for you. All vehicles are accepted. It will be towed within 24 hours. Once the car is in the hands of the organization, you will receive your tax deductible car donation receipt. Imagine that! You already helped the veterans and you also got something in return.

Go help the veterans now. Go and donate a car!

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