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Stupid Plan

In a film, Heaven, Cate Blanchett is Philippa, a schoolteacher who decides to plant a bomb in the office trash can of a successful business man who is in fact a drug lord. She does this because her repeated cries to the police have gone unheard because of pay-offs they receive from the monster himself. […]

A Special Gift

Do you know that Jim Carrey, a comedian who has a great skill of impersonation and who is now paid $20 million per movie, used to have problems in school as a kid? Well, it’s true. In fact teachers had a hard time controlling him, until they found a solution: If they allowed little Jim […]

Most Awaited Moment

The evening is one of my favorite times of the day. It’s time to look back, take stock, and recall on the events of the day—whether good or bad. When whether permits, my husband I walk, or sometimes we’ll just fix a cup of coffee and talk with each other about our day and what […]

Like a Bubble

“Naandipat lahat ya singa bura.” was all my Mom could say in Pangsinan, as if talking to herself in disbelief as she sat quietly at the wake with downcast eyes. In English, it means, “He just vanished into thin air like a bubble.” She was describing, how quickly my Dad had disappeared from her life […]


When my auntie was a student, she represented Manila in a national oratorical contest held in Surigao City. Needless to say, she prayed to come first in the competition and “bring the bacon home.” Her youthful arrogance and ego had convinced her that she was unquestionably the best. She was so confident her victory was […]

Body Conscious

I went inside a slimming salon to ask how much it would cost for me to have a chiseled body. They looked at me, made some measurements and computations. “Ma’am,” she said with a big smile. “We have to do it in stages. The initial stage for you to lose weight would cost around 80,000 […]