Archives for July 2009

Kids’ Quarrel

I don’t friend you anymore.” This is what my best friend Alden and I would say to each other when we’d fight. We were in Grade 3 then. Naturally, we wouldn’t talk to each other afterwards. And when it was time for us to make up, we’d start off by asking: “Do you still friend […]

About My Bro

My brother is married to his lovely wife whom he fights with seven times a day—and kiss and make up with seven times a day as well. He has a son who reminds him of the energizer bunny—he just goes on and on … Because of this little family of his, he had to deal […]

Only Few Top Producers

A guy named Pareto who lived a couple of centuries ago said that in a group, only about 20% are producers. The rest are regular guys who do only the minimum that they are expected to so. These are the people who do not excel, who do not reach beyond their self-expectations, who are easily […]

The Weave

The loom in front of the weaver doesn’t look good. Unsightly extra threads hang from the sides. There is nothing beautiful about it because you look at the wrong side of the loom. Only after the work is completed, when the weaver takes the work of the loom and cuts off the extra threads and […]

Double Flat

We were on a borrowed Montero in San Francisco when we got a flat tire. On the way home, we decided to stop by a store a few exits from where we stayed. It was there that we discovered we had another flat. Good thing we had a spare. And two men in the car. […]

In Miserable State

Jane was a prostitute. She left her children to the care of a distant relative. Her husband had left her long before and she became a mistress to a married man. When this man dumped her because his wife was getting suspicious, Jane lost her mind. She started wandering the streets aimlessly and literally just […]