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Nationwide Fiesta

When foreigners hear about Philippines, most likely, they associate the place readily to fiestas (festivals). Being predominantly Catholic, the country holds hundreds of these distinct, colorful festivities every year to commemorate respective patron saints or religious events. The highlight of every feast is the Santacruzan. Before, only sons and daughters of the elite can join […]

Chef's Exclusives

I’ve written about how Richmonde Hotel offered top class service to their occupants, and now, I’m going to talk about The Richmonde Grill– the hotel’s restaurant, with their collection of dishes that would satisfy one’s meal cravings anytime of the day. When I ate there, I had Calamari Salad starter, a great prelude to my […]


The World Food Expo 2009 (WOFEX), is back this August 5 to 8. Despite the economic crisis, the food processing industry suppliers’ incresed willingness to participate in this year’s WOFEX is very apparent. Of course, it’s because they knew that crisis or no crisis, people would always eat! WOFEX will hold it’s biggest edition this […]

Festival of Fruits

Since it’s summer season, the Pancake house is introducing cool treats highlighting the fruits of summer– such as pineapple, mango, strawberry, and more. Example of their cool treats are the Pine Banana Samba, Pine Green Mango Tango and the Pine Watermelon Whirlwind. These are just the new array that they are offering this summer. I […]

Guide on Traveling Solo

I used to travel alone when I was younger; I believed that traveling alone is much better than traveling with a companion. However, being a woman who travels alone also has its disadvantages. We’ll never know when strangers we encounter along the way will take advantage of our weaknesses. Just a tip to women who […]

The Lost City

Perhaps one of the most enduring and intriguing unsolved mysteries of all time is the legend of the Lost City of Atlantis. For centuries, the age-old legend has been the subject of both scientific and creative endeavors, capturing the interests of experts and ordinary people alike. And I’m one of the ordinary people who are […]