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High heels and related problems

Many women choose to endure the pain and discomfort as long as they are wearing high heeled shoes. They underestimate the health risk involved. Lower back pains result when the spine bends backwards and the pain in the ball of the foot follows when always wearing high heels. Sprain of the ankle is also common […]

18 kilogram-tumor removed from woman

An Arabian woman who went to Germany was successfully operated by German doctors and was able to remove the malignant bone tumor in her hips. The 35 year old woman has only few days to live and after five operations, there‚Äôs no trace of the bone tumor. This tumor almost added one third of her […]

Balut is a street food

Balut is the most popular street food in the Philippines . It is an egg of the duck which has a two-week old embryo inside and then cooked as hard boiled egg. It is a daily delicacy and is a good source of protein. For some people, it takes a lot of courage eating balut […]

Multivitamins and Prostate

Study shows that taking many multivitamins a day will increase the risk of having prostate. It is a fact that having many multivitamins a day has an adverse effect to the prostate. It is better to have diet low in saturated fats, to be sipping that green tea, and having all kinds of vegetables in […]

Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo Wedding

After a long silence about their coming marriage, Judy Anne Santos and Ryan Agoncillo tied the knot in a sunrise wedding in Batangas, April 28, 2009. Though closed to the media, all the principal sponsors, matron of honor and best man were there. Parents of the bride and groom were also present and their close […]

Fruit Salad is Better than a Banana a Day

Chopping a banana with other fruits like strawberry, apples, grapes and orange will surely give us a variety of nutrients which will work together to give us powerful health benefits. Instead of eating just one fruit, it will be better to combine more fruits at a time. Researches highly recommend this as well as eating […]