Archives for April 2009

It Is Not That Easy

Things that used to be a joy are now laced with fears and insecurities. This is not a broken arm that heals in a prescribed length of time and in a highly predictable fashion. You may think one week is enough time. Or maybe your generosity will allow me two months. But if I still […]

Can’t Put Behind

There is nothing I would like better – and nothing that is more impossible. Don’t you see? It won’t stay behind me. It’s not “over” just because I am no longer physically in the presence of my attackers. It is ever present, constantly replaying every “what if” in my mind. Life is different now. I […]

Lucky to be Alive

Yes, perhaps I am. Maybe with time I will value the gift that was given to me when they “let me go.” Right now I don’t feel so lucky. I feel tortured, betrayed, abandoned, and isolated. Not only did I lose control over what happened to my body, but I had no control over whether […]

My Grandfather

Thirteen years ago, my grandfather Bernard at the age of 75, stepped on a chair to reach for a light bulb in our garage that needed to be changed. Granny lost his balance and fell on the concrete ground, head first. He survived the fall but Granny had to go through two brain surgeries. He […]

A Tragic Accident

Uncle Lex Michael was a 23-year-old university graduate and an athlete. In 1985 while riding his motorcycle along Velez street , a bus hit him. This resulted in the amputation of his leg below the knee. Eight years after, while competing in a triathlon, he was hit by a van. He became a quadriplegic, not […]


Do you ever get tired of working? If you’re the average person, you must be living a routinary life—you wake up, go to work, go back home, sleep, then wake up again the next morning to do the same thing. You’re seldom able to spend your hard-earned money on yourself because you have a family […]