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Unlucky Food

As a Christian, there no such thing as “unlucky” food because I believe that all our food is a blessing from God. But for the Chinese, any chicken dish for the New Year is a big NO, NO!! Why, simply because a chicken is an animal that struggles first before it can find a single […]

Takipsilim-A Filipino Twilight

After the hit movie twilight was shown in the Philippines, rumors have been circulating around the worldwide web, that ABS-CBN, one of Philippines’ largest networks, would produce a Filipino version of twilight. They said that it would be entitled “takipsilim”, which is the tagalog translation for twilight. This has been a big issue since articles […]

Welcoming 2009

2008 has been quite a good year for me. Good things came and of course, also bad things. But I would say that in general, God has been so good to shower me his blessings in 2008. Now, I’m looking for a more fruitful 2009, not just for me but as well for my parents, […]