How to Live a Frugal Life

Living a frugal life is more popular now than it was ten years ago. Some say frugal, some say cheapskate, but it is true that more people need to think about living this way. Living frugal means to buy the things you need with spending less money. Why should that way of life be looked […]

What Will You Do When You Retire?

Now what? You are one of the lucky ones, so you have worked all your life and now you have reached a ripe old age and you can retire, but then what? Where is the money coming from and how are you going to live? If you have worked for a public service or a […]

Moving Out is Scary

Moving out of your parents’ house can be the scariest thing you will have ever done. You will have been living a sheltered life with no responsibilities and very little to worry about. Suddenly you are thrust out into the real world and you have no idea what you are doing. You will probably be […]

Coping with Money as a Student

Living as a student is very complicated. It is often the first time you are living away from home, fending for yourself in the real world. Whilst college life, isn’t exactly the real world, in monetary terms, it is. You have probably got a student loan to pay your fees, you probably need to get […]

Ways of Financing Your Long Term Trip

Want to save as you travel? If you want to travel a long journey and you are asking yourself many questions of which you are not getting answers then here are ways in which you can make that trip more enjoyable as you will have all the cash that you want by investing in fixed […]

Why You Should Get Your ISA This Year

If you want to shield your earnings from the tax man then here are tips on how ISA can help you cross this handle and get to your dreamland. If you are one person who is never interested in ISA then allow me just a few minutes of your time and this article will definitely […]