Why You Need a Broker When Buying a Car Dealership

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Shopping around for a car dealership? You may want to consider working with a broker. Aside from having years of industry experience and being tuned in to current market trends, brokers offer a host of other benefits. 1. Your broker will notify you when car dealerships first go on the market for sale. You don’t [...]

Job Hunter: Where to Look For Work


After getting your high school diploma or college degree, you are more than ready to enter the workforce. The big question here is not what jobs to look for since you know that based from your interest and degree, but rather where to look for work. In this short write-up, you will discover the different [...]

Digital Marketing Trends for 2015


Wondering how you can take your business to the next level in 2015? Considering adding these trending marketing strategies to your plan. If you’re just now creating your first-ever online marketing strategy, start with one or two of these suggestions and then build from there. 1. Content is even more important than before. Long and [...]

8 Tips for Etsy Sellers


If you’re an artisan, you probably have an Etsy account. How can you encourage people to buy, though? Follow these eight tips for first-time Etsy sellers. 1. Use the advertising available. For as little as $1 per day, you can promote your products. Choose any products you’d like to promote and change them whenever you’d [...]

Resume: Your Passageway to A New Career


Your resume is your bridge to your coveted career. This is any employer’s first impression of you. What’s written in it will be his or her basis of setting up another screening or throwing your application to the trash bin. The latter is not a good thing, so you have to keep that happening with [...]

Divorce: Keeping Your Financial Interest Protected


Aside from the emotional and mental turmoil that a person undergoes when having a divorce, the financial aspect takes a huge hit. Because the couple is splitting everything, may it be 50-50 or whatever form of sharing there is, the quality of living and lifestyle of both parties are changed. In most cases, the spouse [...]